The Ecumenical EU Office was set up in 1999, initiated by the Christian Council of Sweden and Hela Människan (a non-profit organisation in social work with a Christian standpoint).

The purpose of the Office is to be a resource for churches, denominations and NGOs to:

  • Give information about current issues and decisions on both EU and national level for relevant fields of interest
  • Inspire and advice associated organizations to develop their activities within fields like social economy and international cooperation
  • Inspire and advice on in-service training for both organizations and for individuals
  • Support and give guidance to associated organizations when applying for grants
  • Influence the elaboration of new budget frames on EU level based on the needs and interest of associated organizations

The Office provides public information, available particularly on the website of the Office.

The associated churches/denominations/organisations are given access to additional services, for example guidance and information concerning available calls for proposals as well as special support when it comes to project applications and participation.

As of 2013, we have been selected to serve as a Europe Direct office for our target group on behalf of the EU Commission and the European Parliament..

At present 7 different churches, denominations and organisations are associated to the Office.
Principles of the Office are The Christian Council of Sweden (SKR) and Hela Människan.